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I started out as a php web dev after learning Java at the University.

Every step along the way of diving into web & application development made more obvious how important maintainable and stable code is.
If you ever developed php on a windows machine you also know what a painful experience platform dependency often is.

Everything changed once I discovered to .NET Core (and later .NET Standard 2.0) on C#. While .NET Core 1.x was very limited in terms of covered API surface, moving from php 5.x to C# was an enlightening experience. Now with .NET Core 2.x and .NET Standard 2.x come 32k platform independent .NET APIs, whereas  .NET Standard 1.6 had 13k, and more and more of the platform specific .NET API surface gets ported to .NET Standard as platform independent standard wrapper libraries accessing the system libraries indirectly.

You get more platform independence, more natural unit testing, strong typing, IntelliSense and proper dependency management.
Also… did I mention LINQ? LINQ is a pure bag of awesome, if you are used to collection handling in Java and php!

Since then I built a fairly sizable ASP.NET Core app, some simple ones and used .NET Standard libs with .NET Core tests for some desktop applications.
I took the deep dive and found one truth: Building modern, pretty, maintainable and stable code in .NET Core/.NET Standard is so much easier than in all other languages I came in touch with so far that I don’t want to leave anymore.

This is why I started telling about it.