This is me!


I am Marc A. Modrow.

I am a passionate (web) application developer in Bremen (Germany), focusing on modern and clean backend web development.

After my Bachelor and Master in Digital Media at the University here in Bremen I started in a small (3.5 people + a freelance graphics artist to be precise) php shop.
No git, no staging, no object orientation, no fun.

Soon I moved on to a slightly bigger php agency (~20-25 people) with multiple layers of staging, local VMs, proper code management with a local GitLab, a project management team and using mostly object-oriented frameworks.

I was thrilled, and I still am. No longer was I juggling spaghetti code while operating on our customer’s application’s open heart. Instead I could poke where I wanted, when I wanted and if something broke, nobody knew and I could roll everything back with no problems at all.

Then we mostly abandoned php or at least phased it out where possible in favor of C# and .NET.
I instantly felt at home in C#. It had everything I liked about Java – improved and supercharged. But – again – the .NET Framework is limited to one ecosystem. Before everything was VirtualBox + PuPHPet or later the Windows Subsystem for Linux. Now we had Windows + IIS. The language was everything I had hoped for, but the ecosystem was still a choking leash.

.NET Core to the rescue!

My employer is an agency type company, but we also do product work. I got tasked with future-proofing our product. It was obvious that it should be driven by C#. But how to break to our customers, that they should abandon their LAMP stacks? That question vanished in the sight of .NET Core. It promised all the great things of the .NET platform without limiting itself to Windows. Native Linux runtimes and even compilers!

Since then I have built multiple ASP.NET Core apps. I reused their logic, that was neatly packaged in .NET Standard projects, on WPF apps and most likely UWP and Xamarin (iOS/Android) will follow.

This blog is my attempt to share my enthusiasm for C# and .NET with the world and make it a better place while doing so (at least in my opinion).


You can find me also at