The real meaning of semantic versioning

Most likely you have seen dot-separated version numbers. Maybe at some point single-dot versions like 2.13 have brought up some confusion, as 2.13 is bigger than 2.2. And when more granular version numbers like appear any attempt to use floating point logic falls apart. But this is no floating point notation. It is semantic […]

Proper Commenting

There are two main stances towards commenting: Comments are an indicator for code that is not self-explanatory. Comments are the most explicit way of communicating the programmer’s intend.

The importance of coding guidelines

Deciding how to do things and sticking to it, until a solid reason arises to change it, is important. In fact a concrete definition of how to do things is even more important than what you actually decide to do. You might lean back now, with a suspicious look on your face, when I say […]

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